Effluent Treatment Plants

With a state of art technology, we offer economical solution to treat the effluent generated in automobile industry / canteen unit / Hospital industry / factory waste. The treated effluent can be reused for car washing and gardening purpose

Basic Concept 

  1. To treat the Waste water generated in automobile industry / Hotels / Canteen units / hospital industry / Laundry waste / factory waste water and reuse the water for car washing and gardening after meeting the TNPCB Standards.
  2. Diffused Aeration System is provided to treat the BOD and COD.
  3. Provision of oil skimmer.
  4. Fine bubble Diffusers for effective Aeration.
  5. Provision of Automatic dosing pump for chemical dosing.
  6. Provision of Pressure sand Filter and Activated Carbon Filter for effective filtration
  7. Provision of Automatic Timers for Air blowers and Recycling Pump
  8. Provision of one year guarantee after commissioning against manufacturing defects.